Welcome to the Groceries Store

If you are looking for food or food prep and serving items or snacks, Samson African and Oriental food shop has what you need. We carry the most popular national brand items as well as those quality-guaranteed brands from abroad. And, we have both big and small sizes, all at great, low prices, so you can buy whatever is right for you without worrying about paying too much. Here are some examples of key categories that you will find at Samson’s


We guarantee consistency and superior quality throughout our full inventory of  label and national brand grocery items. Choose from a selection of institutional pack sizes or our smaller sizes. We also feature a broad selection of ethnic items.

– Dry beans, peas & lentils
– Canned fruit
– Canned vegetables
– Tomato products
– Canned soup
– Canned entrees
– Crackers
– Cookies
– Cereal
– Nuts
– Salty snacks
– Spices & herbs
– Canned meats & vegetables
– Olives, pickles, peppers
– Oils – our broad selection includes vegetable, canola, olive and peanut oils
– Salad dressings & vinegars
– Condiments – mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, relish, pickles and olives
– Rice

Frozen Foods

Our extensive selection of frozen items features the leading national brands from home and abroad.

– Breakfast foods
– Cheesecakes & desserts
– Fried sides
– Fruits
– Ice cream
– Appetizers
– Traditional cakes & pies
– Vegetables
– Meat, Poultry & Seafood


Household and business customers alike rely on Samson African and Oriental food shop comprehensive selection of cold beverages in a wide range of packs and sizes.drinks2

– Water
– Juices
– Carbonated soda
– Sport drinks
– Beer
– Wine
– Spirits

The Warehouse

We know the importance of keeping large backroom stocked. We keep a large assortment of dry grocery goods on hand in order to help you stay ahead. You’ll find everything you need for every course and meal, including flour, sugar and spices, rice, dried and canned beans, canned fruits and vegetables, dressings, sauces, potato chips and much more.

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